Who me?

i am
a continuous work in progress...
music. without it, i wilt.
motherdaughtersisterlover. friend.
these things define me. but do not chain me.
i widen my heart and persist in love,
the only purpose grand enough for human life.
because of this, my life is rich.
i almost always forgive eventually. but i never forget.

Mother Nature, she is my heroine.

my daughters are teaching me everything
i may have missed
growing up.
i'm sliding on the rainbow of my childhood dreams

life is hard. and no one can convince me otherwise.
but i wouldn't trade my life for the world.
because it's made me who i am today.

i ballet dance.
i love to write.
those soul-searching-find-yourself-lesson-in-life types of stories.
occasionally, i will strike a pose.
i need to be needed.
i do speak up.

the cliche type line that nothing in life is a mistake
but a learning experience?
yeah, i buy that...

take a walk in my shoes, and i'll take a walk in yours.
ignorance is not bliss.

sometimes, i say 'i' too much...

i love
yellow and pink.
yellow and pink flowers in particular.
the sun the moon and all those shining stars.
digging a garden, planting a seed and watching it grow.
(wild) horses for their quiet strength, graceful beauty and spirituality.
sound of ocean waves kissing the shore. over and over and over again.
angels. because there is something good in everything they see.
bees. the queen and all her attendants.
enchanted clover and a bee smoker.
happy endings. even if they are
but nothing ever truly ends...