Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Roughing It

I need to take a break here to further elaborate about the accommodations at the Park. We live in tree houses, that is, our huts are raised and built around very large trees. Where the accommodations are very primitive, I find this quite romantic... There is one little light, thatched roof and a community bathroom for the other 3 rooms that share this complex. Our hut is the farthest away from the Center (our central meeting place and open dining area for us and the elephants. The name of our complex is Youd Po (spelling?) which translates to highest spot on the mountain).

The water for the shower is ice cold and you have to use a bucket of water to dump into the toilet in order to flush it. The nighttime temp gets to the low 60's and the daytime temps get to about 85.

Now I am a self imposed high maintenance girl. I know this. But honestly, I am thoroughly enjoying this experience. It's like being at summer camp, making new friends from all over the world (Australia, England, Finland, Norway -- very few Americans, only 6 out of the 60 that are here) interactive closely with the locals, really enjoying the outdoors and helping to make a bunch of little and big things better.

I feel so fortunate to be here.