Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's a go...

So we have had one of the biggest snowstorms of the year, probably several years as it's the second time ever that my employer has closed the office due to inclement weather. This is what the house looked like...

Good times were had by all, including the best dog in the world, Scout (golden retriever) and his good friend, Otis (golden doodle).

Snow storms have been our biggest concern regarding traveling at this point since they always seem to occur the day before travel. But JFK has confirmed that Korean Air will be departing on time tomorrow morning.

Suitcase packed, carry-on packed, fanny pack (not just for the '80s) packed. The fanny pack has been recommended for wear while working at the park, to store and have easy access to a camera and suntan lotion and neosporin.

But most importantly, I packed the toilet paper. Sabine is packing her own toilet.

New York to Seoul, Seoul to Chiang Mai.

Thailand or bust!

p.s. The first pic was really the doghouse.