Monday, January 17, 2011

Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You

This titled blurb is from the song that Deborah Kerr sings to Yul Brenner in the movie classic, 'The King and I'. I haaaaaad to use that as the movie takes place in Siam, former name of Thailand, and this is exactly what we are all about to do.

After dinner we retreat back to the conference room and rearrange all the chairs into a big circle. It is time to introduce ourselves. A few things I start to notice here: 1) there are very few Americans, mostly Australian the European and 2) most of them have already been 'on holiday' from anywhere from two to six weeks and/or are continuing after this for another two to six weeks. This is a very common mentality for non Americans and I am immediately intrigued and even a little jealous.

Why isn't this something that the United States promotes? Why is it so difficult to take that kind of time off? Is it that we are that indispensable to our employers? If that's the case, then our employers have it all wrong. Is it that we so influenced by the need to work? If so, then we have it all wrong. Regardless, I am beginning to see that they may be onto something. What's wrong with taking extended time off, to broaden our experiences, to learn something new, to be with our families, to contribute to a cause? I find my blurb about myself to be quite boring relative to everyone else, but I quickly redeem myself by including that I'm here with my twin! :)