Friday, January 21, 2011

I Was Wrong

That nonsense I said about sixty individuals being too large a group to be intimate with? I (we) have gotten to know each and every one of them, some closely some and some through chores or waiting in the buffet line. It's really not that difficult to get to know people particularly when you all are coming in with a common vested interest: to understand the plight of, contribute to the care of, and help spread awareness of these endangered elephants. I consider each and every volunteer and staff member my friend. Being part of 'Group A' allowed for a deeper level of friendship... We saw Chris and Lisa get engaged on Thursday (her birthday too!), we have gotten offers to visit and stay with our new friends in Gurnsey, New Zealand, Melbourne and Sidney Australia, Ottawa Canada, etc by friends who genuinely mean it. We've talked about anything and everything. We've shoveled shit together, and wiped (elephant) snot off each others faces and consoled and stuck up for each other when ignorant day trippers made insensitive and foolish remarks. I am proud and fortunate to have met and worked with such a selfless and wonderful group of friends.

From left to right: Emily, Lisa, Sabine, Chris, Imogen, me and Lisa.

The volunteer coordinators that made it happen: Chet (purple), Nat (green) and Ekk (blue)