Friday, January 14, 2011

What happens in Seoul, stays in Seoul. (JFK to Seoul)

14 hour 26 minute flight.

We missed our cussing connecting flight.  And I managed to lose my cussing phone.  So we are stuck in Seoul airport trying to work out the next available flight.  With all the duty free shops for cigarettes and alcohol, I am seriously considering taking up smoking and picking up a drinking habit.   We have bought prepaid phone cards to make the necessary phone calls in order to find the quickest and relatively inexpensive way to get to Chiang Mai.  Can't remember how much time is left on the phone card but we talk really fast and try to keep each call down to a minute or less.  Bad things happen in 3's?  I don't know... it's all a blur after the spark shot out of the wall (from the power converter) leaving a smell of burnt rubber.

I thought I could smell fear too, but cuss that.  We're too tough for that.

I have been awake for 37 hours and my clothes smell funny.