Friday, January 21, 2011

Last Bath

It's 1:00 which means bath time for the elephants. This never gets old and it seem that the 4598437613498761364 pictures that I have taken from previous days baths should be enough. But it's not. Little Faa Mai and Chang Yim frolicking in the mud always warms my heart. Big sister to Faa Mai, Tong Jan is still playful in the mud too. It is amazing to me that with all the mud wrestling, none of the elephants get hurt or step on each other.

To the left is Hope who joins the ladies and babies for a mud bath.

Tong Jan (big sister) and Faa Mai (little sister) pig pile each other gently, while Mae Bua Tong watches over her daughters.

Faa Mai and Chang Yim decide to explore the other side of the river. In general all the elephants seem a little mischievous today. They are are reaching for flowers on the trellises and trying to get through fenced off areas. :)

Chang Yim and his mahout, Carl