Friday, January 21, 2011

Just Do It

We have met a lot of wonderful people here, truly international which has been a treat. We have met one family in particular whose travels I really appreciate. The family is from Ottawa Canada. MaryAnn is a family physician and Dave is a Prosecutor. They have two children, Madelaine who is ten years old and their son, Jake, who is thirteen. Both have taken leave from their jobs for one year and pulled both children out of school for the year as well. They have decided to home school their kids while traveling during this 'time off'. They are six months into their travels and will be completed by the start of summer. What an amazing experience for the children and the family and I am completely impressed that they have made the effort and the time to do this. I spoke to Dave quite a bit about this and he said as a family, they are thoroughly enjoying their time traveling. Their kids are learning things that they would never learn in the classroom. Maryann added that the challenges of being together too much (this can be difficult on the 13 year old son and even their daughter sometimes) is a worthwhile cost. They are very aware if this and do make an effort to allow their kids the opportunity to do things without them, to give them a little space. I spoke very briefly to both kids who are both well spoken, pleasant and very down to earth... much like their parents. It was particularly nice listening to Madelaine talk about their past six months and what she liked or disliked in great detail. What a great gift to be able to give your kids and your family, they have my deepest admiration.

Dave and Maryann, who jokingly said when I took their picture, "This is what happens when you travel together for a year..." Another machete break taking moment from cutting grass. I love these guys.